French boy playing truant in London streets (1916)

Name: Roger  Mauroux (pronounced               Age: 13 years
ʁɔʒe moʁu in phonetic language)
                                                                        Gender: male
Nationality: French
Address: 6 Sutherland Place, Victoria, London
Family background: father: soldier in France; step-mother: in France;
guardian is the 75 year old mother of the step-mother’s prisoner; she is unable to look after him. Roger is mostly likely victim of a family crisis.
School situation: is schooled at a French refugee school
(maybe the French lycee) but plays truant and witness
thinks he should be put in a school where he could be
taught discipline.
Place where tried: children court

Accusation: wandering at Wilton Road in Pimlico

Witness: William John Coutson School officer and a lady from the French consulate.Reference: Chelsea News and General Advertiser, Friday 28 January 1916


Post written by Antoine and Marc, students in 6eme at the Lycée francais Charles de Gaulle.

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