French boy accused of stealing cigarettes in London (1916)

Name William Simon
Age 15
Gender Male
Residence area Wandsworth
Accused of… Stealing 15 cigarettes
Nationality French
Where? British American Tobacco company Ltd
When? 20th June 1916
Where was he judged Children’s court
Number of witnesses One
Sentence Recognisance of 40s. For defendant to come up for judgement if call upon within 6 weeks.

Reference: Chelsea News and General Advertiser, 30 June 1916

A  French boy by the name of William Simon was  caught stealing 15 cigarettes in the offices of the British American Tobacco Company LTD. The French teenager’s only defence was that it was only the second time he stole from the director’s office. His mum also defended him by saying he was an angel.

Post written by Léonie, Juliette and Enora (lycée francais Charles de Gaulle).

French boy playing truant in London streets (1916)

Name: Roger  Mauroux (pronounced               Age: 13 years
ʁɔʒe moʁu in phonetic language)
                                                                        Gender: male
Nationality: French
Address: 6 Sutherland Place, Victoria, London
Family background: father: soldier in France; step-mother: in France;
guardian is the 75 year old mother of the step-mother’s prisoner; she is unable to look after him. Roger is mostly likely victim of a family crisis.
School situation: is schooled at a French refugee school
(maybe the French lycee) but plays truant and witness
thinks he should be put in a school where he could be
taught discipline.
Place where tried: children court

Accusation: wandering at Wilton Road in Pimlico

Witness: William John Coutson School officer and a lady from the French consulate.Reference: Chelsea News and General Advertiser, Friday 28 January 1916


Post written by Antoine and Marc, students in 6eme at the Lycée francais Charles de Gaulle.