Adverts in the Francophone press published in London during the First World War

Adverts in 1915 were used differently to how they are used in today’s newspapers. One massive difference is how one page included a variety of adverts. The adverts were very different from each other: we see adverts about dentists to the ones about alcohol. Based on what we can observe in La Chronique de Londres, the majority of articles were about cigarettes and alcohol. One can imagine that the pressure  from the war pushed Londoners to consume more tobacco and spirits hence why adverts of that type were mostly present. But before the war, tobacco, wine and spirits were products imported from and associated with France. According to the newspapers we’ve looked at, this remained the case during the war.

pharmacies in london.jpg

Most adverts contained a lot of writing but had different fonts, which might have been used to attract the readers’ attention. Here is an example from La Chronique de Londres:

ad different font ww1 project

Finally, we discovered well-known brands in the pages of La Chronique.  Below, we see the famous brand that is still very known till today: Nestlé. As we can see at the bottom, the logo is extremely visible; it is the biggest on the page, putting emphasis on the importance of milk. The complexity of the design (compared to the other ads) also suggests that Nestlé had more money to invest in marketing than the other brands advertised in this page.

nestle ww1 project

Post written by Halima and Aisha, students at Newham Sixth Form College.



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