An analysis of the Cri de Londres’s first issue.

Juliette Hammer, Enora Marion and Tristan Charmouille team up to analyse the editorial of the Cri de Londres’s first issue.

In this first issue of Le Cri de Londrespublished on the 17th august 1914, its editor-in-chief Joseph Coudurier De Chassaigne outlines the function he attributes to the paper.

He explains that Germany propagates a politic of lies: “The Kaiser tried to conquer by trickery, before brutal violence”. Therefore, Le cri de Londres’ main role is to deliver the man-in-the-street from those lies. However, at that time, the censorship law had already been voted, so publishing the complete truth was going to be more difficult than Coudurier De Chassaigne wants us to believe.

In this article, the Germans are referred to with pejorative terms; for example “Fight against the other German danger”. This is a typical World War I Entente Power’s propaganda.

Coudurier De Chassaigne adds that even though not every French London is able to join the French army, the French people who remain in London can unite and fight a different fight: that of truth and national unity. One of the paper’s roles is to unite all the French people left behind in Britain.


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